Sunday, 29 July 2012

Chore Log for 1st Week of August

This summer is going by much too quickly! Due to the cool start we had, it seems like summer has just begun and yet here we are, almost in August, the last month of summer!  Yikes!

Canada Long Roma-style paste tomatoes...
Quirky looking, huh?

This past week, my short week, my baby girl has been here... therefor, very little was accomplished besides the constant watering :(

In my usual hopeful way, I kinda thought that with her help so much more would be tackled ...
This never happens, of course, but I do this wishful thinking every time she comes home ... 

Instead we shopped and then we shopped some more, ran all around town picking up stuff in preparation for her upcoming humanitarian volunteer trip to Bogota, Columbia :)

Hey, so it goes...  life is surely too short to not take time to smell the roses... or to hang out with your baby ;)

Therefore, as she leaves on Monday, I will need to put a push on the garden clean up when I'm on my own again...

Hot Cocoa florbunda roses

In The Potager 
Many crops beds are slowly being harvested and beds emptied.
- Plant winter veggies, onions and carrots, from seed
- Plant some empty beds with flowers and ornamentals... the others, just weed and leave alone till top-dressed in fall.
- Prune back bottom foliage on tomato plants
- Keep harvesting Sweet Peas, so that they continue to bloom
- Water with compost tea
- Transplant Hydrangea into wash tub
- pot up strawberry runners?

Garlic curing in the shade of the carport

Small Fruits Berm
- continue picking raspberries and blueberries as they ripen
- make raspberry jam
- weed/vinegar spray the mulched berm
- Prune out some of the older canes on the black currant once all fruit has been picked
- Prune back fruited raspberry canes

The raspberry patch... two years old
Greenhouse and Nursery
- Cut back Alchemilla mollis (Lady's Mantle) before it sets seed everywhere
- Dahlias, Gladioli, and Sweet Peas are all blooming away, cut lots of bouquets for the house...  Hah, such a dreadful chore, eh?  ;)
- Deadhead roses and lilies
- Water raised beds this week. I am not one to water perennials much, only water every 2nd or 3rd week.
- Move herb seedlings outdoors once they have sprouted.

I see the first little Morden Midget heirloom Eggplant beginning to grow ... yay!

In General
- Water all hanging baskets and planters thoroughly, till water drips from the bottom, daily
- Feed all baskets and planters once or twice a week or they will quickly burn out and stop flowering!
- Continue to spray weeds in driveway and sides of beds, with vinegar spray, in the hopes that between the heat, the dryness, and the vinegar, they will die off!
- Feed roses, shrubs, trees (do not do this anymore in Alberta! or your plants will not shut down in time for your harsh winter)
- Remove suckers! Do not keep the suckers, they are from the rootstock and are not the flowering/fruiting rose or tree that you love and admire!
- Keep weeding all beds and borders
- Weed out dandelions from the front lawn.
- Deadhead and pinch everywhere to promote more blooms and tidy plants.

Feed your planters to keep them blooming!

Hmm, time to order more bulbs?...  Is always so nice to have blooming daffs, hyacinths. muscari, scilla, crocus, and tulips each spring after what seems like an endless winter!
... and I do so love to plant up pots and pots and more pots with all kinds of bulbs for fabulous, colourful spring blooms!

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