Saturday, 14 July 2012

Chore Log Week 3 of July

Whew, this past week simply flew by!

Watering and more watering was on the agenda this past week... and I suppose, for the next 8 weeks or so to follow :) Gotta love summertime!

Baskets and planters are watered daily now, as are the greenhouse veggies. This certainly cuts down on the time left over for doing the chore list... and as I don't really consider watering a chore, how to fit in the chores with the watering? Hahaha, what a dilemma... now problems like that you gotta love to have....

Once again... I went a wee tad overboard...
Planted up about a gazillion planters and hanging baskets ...
That now all need daily watering :)

Peas in the first pea patch (I planted up two) have been picked, shelled, blanched and frozen.
Just in time actually, as I found Delilah picking her own peas again! She grabs the entire vine, pulls it to the ground and devours it from tip to end.... is very thorough actually, not much goes to waste!

Lilah picking peas...

The strawberries have all been harvested, and eaten, jammed or frozen...
I must say, we had a very successful strawberry year.

The two smaller beds are still fruiting. They are more for fresh eating than jamming, as they are day neutrals and so do not all ripen at once.

Totem strawberries

Also, I see that the Totem's (which are June bearing and so should all ripen about now) are on their last summer.The berries are smaller, there are less of them, and more of them are 'funny looking'.
Strawberries tend to have about a 3 year life span, and these have reached the end.... which leaves me with two options.. I can tear them all out and buy new ones to replace them... or allow these to make runners, take the new plants and root them into pots, then tear out the mother plants and re-plant with the babies.

Any hoo, on with the list...

Much was accomplished last week, yet much remains on the list... maybe I should start calling it the 'Wishful Thinking List'  ;)

The Front Deer Resistant Garden
This is the one area that did get finished and is just in maintenance form....
- Water trees and shrubs deeply once a week.
- Weed out the worst of the offenders in the lawn... I don't really mind weeds in the lawn much, as long as they are green, they can stay, but I do want to pull out some of these really large dandelions... they are getting huge!

The Potager
This area is in constant change and the list will never be done... which is why I like this area the very best ;)
-  Re-plant the bed that the peas were in... Either take down both trellises and put in lots of winter carrots... or leave in one trellis, grow more beans, and still have room for lots of carrots?
- Move potted roses around to better spots for more sun.
- Herb bed still needs to be cut back....
- Deal with the Kale!
- Set up the tables under the carport for drying the garlic... it will soon be ready to go!
- Beets are the perfect size... Make pickled beets!
- keep weeding, thinning, planting, changing... :)
- Oh, and yes, the Dianthus is still blooming away so still unable to cut it back!

Golden Acre heirloom green cabbage

Lavender and Cream Perennial Bed
This bed is coming along nicely :) Rock border is done, most of the weeds are gone...
- Pull the last of the weeds, small ones by the fence!
- Plant some geraniums in there? They need to get out of their pots... and they are the right colour, sooo maybe.

Front Entrance Signage Bed
Done :) As most are deer proof and drought resistant, they need very little care.
- Regular maintenance only!

Long Perennial Bed
Sigh, have not even touched this one yet... chores the same as last week!

Small Fruits Bed
Looks great... so glad we got it all mulched this spring, what a difference it makes!
- Water once a week :)
- weed as needed....

These are some of my pumpkins...
Hahaha, they are in the small fruits bed (hope they don't get a complex) ...
Along the bank... Lots of sunshine and room to sprawl :)

The Birch Bed
is Still on hold!

Greenhouse and Nursery
Maintenance mode for now...
- Water! Daily! 
- alternate weeks with foliar feed of Reindeer Liquid seaweed and Gaia Green for tomatoes...
(I feed everything... the roses, peppers, tomatoes, cukes, melon, eggplant, etc... all with these same two products :)

These strawberry pots are looking amazing and are still up for grabs! If someone is interested, give me a call.
They are called 'Stacked Pots' planters, a new twist on the strawberry pot, they are made in Columbia and are really classy and gorgeous Terra Cotta pots...
There are two planters left... one filled with 'Quinault Strawberries' ... a really large, tasty, everbearing variety that fruits throughout the summer.
The other planter holds 'Hecker' strawberries, also an everbearing variety that fruits all season long, is one of my all time favourites.

 Breadseed Poppies from Renee's Garden Seeds

Have a wonderful week everyone :) 
Don't work too hard in the heat!

My hubby is home this week
Sooo, we will see if that means that more gets done... or less ;)
As we might even run away from home for a few days... 

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