Sunday, 15 July 2012

Greenhouse Ramblings in July

In the greenhouse, the sunshine has made a really big difference.... everything is growing and flowering like mad!

Watering is pretty near a daily task .... So glad we started off with a really full cistern, I guess that's the one bonus that came from our really rainy June!

 Jaune Dickfleischige Heirloom Cucumber

Lungo della Cina cucumbers

We are now picking cucumbers every few days
enjoying a lot of salads and sandwiches...
Am sure that we will eventually be really tired of cucumbers!
But for now, is still a tasty and fabulous treat to pick your own lunch fixings!

These tomatoes were strung up about a month ago and are already nearing the top!
 Hubby will have to string them along the ceiling if they keep up this pace!

Loads and loads of tomatoes on the way!

Plants are getting really tall.. eep!

Ah well, happiness is... growing great tomatoes ;)

Love fuchsias!

Dahlia 'Bishop's Children'
A gorgeous heirloom annual (half-hardy perennial)
with dark bronze-black foliage and mix of vibrantly hued blooms!

Single petalled flowers are crucial to our pollinating insects...
Flowers such as Zinnias, Cosmos, Sunflowers, Asters....
Doubles (like the fuchsia above!) are fairly useless to the bees
as the centres have been turned into more flower petals!

 Please plant a variety of open pollinated, single petalled plants throughout your garden.
Provide the bees, butterflies, hoverflies, hummingbirds, etc.. with a constant source of nectar
so that we will have them around to support our agricultural crops!

The Strawberries in Stacked Pots are looking amazing!

Rosemary, a Mediterranean plant, is totally thriving in the greenhouse with all this sunshine!

 The nursery is pretty quiet and lonely this time of year...

The lovely raised beds that hubby built in March
 have now been planted up with heaps and heaps of roses and perennials :)

As the beds fill in, they will (hopefully) look amazing, kind of cottage garden-ish!

 Another view of the newly planted up nursery beds...
and the empty cedar plank, display tables.

Most of you know Timber kitty
He still hangs out at the greenhouse with us, Little Lilah and me
Just waiting for young guests to come out to visit and pet him.

Little Lilah also hangs out at the greenhouse, in her corner of the new perennial bed..
A corner I left un-planted so that she could watch for guests arriving!

Is just waiting for someone to stop on by and play with her...
Poor lonely Lilah :(
Okay, yeah, lol, I know, spoiled, spoiled, spoiled baby ;)

Love and Peace... gorgeous to look at... with a fabulous fragrance, too!

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