Tuesday, 10 July 2012

July Ramblings

What a great month this is turning out to be... now that it stopped raining, that is!

Lots of wild life around, especially babies... That's the very best part of living in the woods! Love to see all kinds of animals... although probably less keen to see a cougar!

There is a lovely new fawn and her mommy that hang around the back gate.
'Lilah loves to chase away deer, is actually her job, and she does it with great enthusiasm.
However, I try not to let her out when I know that mommy and the baby are out back :) They are doing no harm back there as it has not been developed in any way... as of yet.

This is what I call my 'secret path'... so far it leads to ... nowhere;)
For now, this is where the bear and the deer hang out... 

There is also a mommy bear and her cub that have cut through the back and side of the property. We sometimes see them this time of year, but they are not usually a bother. They are off looking for grubs and such as they travel along...
I did have a closer encounter than I would have liked though, as Mama was in the driveway while I was watering at the greenhouse. I was less than 50' away from her... too close for comfort with nothing but air and Delilah between us!

Roses are blooming throughout the yardscape, heavenly!

 Perpetually Yours... a dreamy, creamy white English climbing rose.

Tropicana... a lovely, fiery orange, Hybrid Tea rose.

Scarlet Carpet Rose... in tree form... so pretty!

Mme Hardy... is a near white Damask rose, fragrant, gorgeous...
and really hard to come by!
I am so pleased to finally have her!
I first found out about her when I wrote my 'Nursery Rose Exam'
at Hole's Greenhouses in St Albert, Alberta
That is just one of the many tests I wrote at the greenhouse
in order to learn as much as possible, about .. as much as possible :)
I knew right away that I had to have this rose...
and here she is, nearly 10 years later... all mine ;)

The Generous Gardener....a David Austin English rose  

Love and Peace... stunning Hybrid Tea rose

'Gentle Hermione' ... a David Austin English rose...
Such a strong, heavenly fragrance that you actually catch scent of her
well before you come upon the actual rose bush!

Campanula's (Bell flowers) are also thriving this time of year...

Blue Peach Leaf Campanula... with David Austin English rose, The Generous Gardener, in behind.  

White Peach Leaf Campanula

Lodden Anna Campanula (big,pink, clustered blooms) is just beginning to open up...
This 5' tall shrub bell flower will be stupendous when all abloom!

This is hubby's tree pick... he really loves it!
Japanese Snowbell Tree (Styrax Japonicus)
In flower for the first time!
A very pretty tree... graceful in form and in flower :)

Lavender ... am clipping and drying to preserve the delicious scent!

I particularly love all hues of blue ....
The deep blue colour of this Salvia (Sage) is just stunning:)
Often prone to powdery mildew, so far, it seems to be just fine... whew!
I was a bit worried, what with all that rain!

In The Potager....
Lovely purple Breadseed Poppies!

The strawberries remain 'netted over' against the birds.. and slugs, too?

The Honeoye's continue to ripen, the Totem's have kicked in
and even the day neutrals (Tri-Stars and Heckers) are beginning to ripen!
One large batch of jam is ready with another on the go :)
Nothing better than homemade jams and jellies.  

For the most part, the potager has been tidied and trimmed back
as everything grew like mad during the month of June
 with our above average amounts of rain and cool weather...

 However, as the Dianthus is still in bud and bloom...
I have found myself unable to cut it back!

and well...
Hmm, okay, lol, I admit... the Herb Bed still needs a major!!! haircut, too...
but I have this thing about trimming back while things are blooming and thriving ;)

The Garlic is almost ready to be harvested!
Just another two weeks or so
and it will be laid out to dry!

The peas are ready to be picked, blanched and frozen!

and the Kale.. boy do I ever have Kale!
Oh My Goodness, does anyone need/want some?

Carrots are also ready...
so sweet and delicious this time of year!

The 'winter' onions are also at their peak right now!
So glad I planted them last fall...
as there is nothing I like better than onions :)
Usually, I enjoy them raw
 but I also love them fried, baked, bbq'd
in salads and slaws, stir fries...
Hmm, pretty much on anything!

Borage is abloom... and abuzz!
I adore the fuzzy greys and blues of this herb!
... as do the bees!
Borage mildly tastes like cucumber and is very tasty in salads and cool summer drinks...
but for me, Borage is all about bringing in the pollinators!

Just a wee side note...
if you do not want loads and loads of Borage next year, please cut it back before it goes to seed!
It is very prolific!

Snapdragons, strawberries, and asparagus share a bed.

All is looking great this month of July...
We are finally getting the sunshine that the rest of the world has had for sometime now...
Gardens are thriving.

Weeds will be eradicated! Grr! They, of course, grew like mad while the weather was cool and wet...
However, slowly but surely, I have been 'vinegar spraying' them away.
I started off using the pickling vinegar as I thought it might be more effective due to a higher acidity content...
Then I switched to regular white vinegar ( savings of nearly $2 a jug) and found that it works just as well!
I add nothing, just spray with vinegar on a hot and sunny day... it works like a charm!

Dinner Plate Dahlia

Hope you all have a very happy month of July!

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