Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Powdery Mildew

Just a quick note to say ...

Now is the time to really be on your guard against nasty powdery mildew.

With our hot days and then cool nights, I have noticed that the dew point is really high in the mornings. It is during this time that powdery mildew really takes off like mad.


Please do NOT ever water in the evening... Always water in the morning or day time, making sure that all the foliage has time to dry well before night fall.

If you do get powdery mildew on your plants.... the easiest answer is to remove the affected foliage... sometimes this means almost de-nuding the plant, but it will truly be the better for it!

My powdery mildew recipe... and there are other organic answers out there, but this is the recipe that I have used for the last 10 years or so,  and it works like the bees knees!

Okay, well, on almost everything... I have noticed that there are some plants, like cucumber leaves, that do not really respond well, so I just remove the nasty foliage from the plant instead.

The recipe I use ...
9 parts water
1 part skim or low fat milk! ( don't use a high fat milk)

Spray on affected foliage daily or every two to three days...  You will soon notice that the fungus starts to die off as the milk coats the fungus! It will turn all grey/black and nasty at first, and then it will cease to exist.

I have heard that it also works really well as a preventative measure ... just spray on plants (that you know are susceptible to mildew) once a week to prevent problems from arising to begin with!

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