Monday, 20 August 2012

August Greenhouse Ramblings

August - Such a fabulous time of year in the greenhouse and nursery...

Though much watering is going on, just to stay on top of things...
We also have lots of ripening fruits!

Cukes, tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers ...
Plus gorgeous late summer blooms.

'This many tomatoes are ripening every two to three days...
I am living off of tomato and onion sandwiches, yum!
.... with a glass of red wine, of course!

Canada Long heirloom paste (sauce) tomato!

Morden Midget Eggplant... so cute, and loads of them on this one little plant!

Pesta heirloom bi-colour beefsteak! Huge!

Ludmilla's Red Plum hiermloom paste (sauce) tomato
How lovely is that, eh?

Corno di Toro Rosso (aka Red Bull's horn)
 is so big and heavy that it lost a whole branch today!
Hmm, is hard to pick out the peppers from the foliage as they are still green...
 However, I assure you... there are tons!

This Alma Paprika Pepper is simply loaded down with these pale yellow, really pretty fruits!...
but, uhm...
Am kinda assuming that they turn red at some point?

All veggies are still being fed with the Gaia Green Tomato food, watered in, every 2nd week...

Every so often, they also get the foliar feed with the Reindeer Liquid Seaweed... not as regular any more.

Aphids and other bugs have not been much of a problem this month at all...
Probably because the plants are healthy and the doors are open,
So, opportunists that most all bugs are... they have moved on to someone else's... something!
Therefore, really don't need to spray with soapy water at all...

In fact, this month is fun!
A whole lot of watering, but a whole lot of harvesting, also!

Roses in the nursery

The Rudbeckias, Veronicas and Perovskias are looking amazing :)

The Nursery

And... finally, to end things off.... what would this blog be without pet pics? 

Little 'Lilah and Oreo... Oreo says.. you're getting loving whether you like it or not!
Look at the wrinkles on Lilah's forehead, lolz!
The things she has to put up with because she is the baby of the family ;)

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