Sunday, 26 August 2012

For Sale.... Yep, Relocating

So, you've driven by ... and seen the sign ... the big For Sale sign?
... and wondered what is going on?

It's true, sadly, we are indeed up for sale ...

However, please don't freak! You can relax! ... We are only relocating, not moving away :)

All will be well, I will still continue to grow your organic heirloom goodies for spring, stunning and glorious roses,  and all kinds of fab flowers....

 Ludmilla's Red Plum heirloom tomatoes :)
Love Rose in Tree Form aka Rose Standard

Rose Standard (tree form rose) Angel Face

For health reasons, the stairs no longer work for me, and therefor we seek a flat home, a rancher, no steps, and so no falling ;)


These are the stairs that give me some troubles...
Great, big, beautiful cedar plank stairs that are fab for seasonal decorating!

Till then...

Are you seeking a new home, less than 3 years old, a home with a creek that runs along side of it? Where the the air is fresh and clean, with no street noise? no traffic? Just the sound of birds singing. Miles of pathways for quading, or hiking. or jogging with your pups? The river for swimming a chilling is so close by you can almost hear it!

The creek is just on the other side of this shed...
There is a His Shed ( above) and a Her Shed, as we seem to have differing opinions on what should go in a shed, lol..

Her Shed... in the perfect shade of green ;)

A home with deer fencing? A backyard kitchen garden? A huge perennial bed for your roses and hydrangeas to be safe from the deer? Loads of fruit trees and blueberry bushes? Self sustainable gardening possibilities?

The raised beds area, I call it a potager, or kitchen garden...
as I grow all sorts of fruits, veggies, and flowers here...

A home with a small greenhouse business?

Or use the greenhouse as a lush conservatory to grow your own fabulous tropicals, like orchids, or palms, or citrus trees!

Or perhaps to grow cucumbers and tomatoes to sell at the farmers market? Or even at a table at the end of your drive...
if you grow it, they will come!

So many possibilities to make your dreams come true :)

The greenhouse is 16' x 24', with roof vents, fan, propane heater, lighting that can be lowered or raised to the height you want... even 6 inches from the tables for seedlings,... plus all the automation to make it all happen for you on demand... and a Gennie for the just in case scenario.
Has a gorgeous tiled floor, a sink and counter for potting and puttering, ten 3' x 4' wooden slatted tables, and wire shelving along the sides to offer even more growing or decorating possibilities.
Is fivewall polycarbonate, not glass, and therefor has more insulating value, glazing value, and is less likely to shatter if something un-toward happens.
Is run off of collected water in a 2500 gallon water cistern, nicely hidden in the woods across the driveway from the greenhouse.
The 'nursery' or courtyard is fenced with mesh deer fencing to keep the deer out of the roses, has double gates on either side, which are large enough for you to drive your quad or tractor, or Gator, etc.. into it to pick up/drop off mulch, compost ... wine and beer, lolz ;)

Read Greenhouse Goes Up to see how it all came to be ....

Yes, there is a house that comes with all the glorious yardscaping, lol
Has walk out basement, is very bright and beautiful on all sides and in all areas
Generous bedrooms, family room, open concept living upstairs...
Best of all?... 3 decks!
One seen here, one at the side, and one at the back!
Enjoy life to it's fullest out here on 5 acres carved into the woods.

But seriously ...    Lol, if that does not work for you ...

The greenhouse is removable, if you don't want it ( I am certainly happy to take it with me :)

The raised beds are removable... in fact, that kitchen garden area would make a super ball diamond or soccer field, place to learn to ride a bike or a trike, to play with barbies, etc... for the little ones... 

Or, ooh, I LOVE this idea.... Set up your own little paradise.... put in a pool and a pergola covered hot tub for super cool ambiance amongst the woodsy backdrop!

While your teens and pre-teens, ride their quads, or bikes, or dirt bikes, along the endless pathways that surround the area. Or meet their pals at the river, totally within walking distance! for afternoons of swimming and chilling.

Gorgeous gated entry to your circular drive!

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