Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mid August Chore Log

Wow, can this month go by any faster?
Seems like it was just in mid-summer and here we are almost at back to school time!
Plus, nights are cooler, mornings dewier,  and days shorter :(

However, all kinds of fruits and veggies are ripening...

Peche' Jaune Heirloom Tomato 

The harvest has truly begun... saucing, canning, freezing, roasting, drying...

Musica garlic

In The Potager
The potager is in good shape this week, much was accomplished but it is starting to look much 'emptier'!
Is kind of sad, but as much as I adore the look of a lush summer potager ... harvest is the reason we grow it ....  eh?

The nicotiana is blooming heartily around the pea trellis and 3 Sisters bed, and wow, that fabulous fragrance! It may not be the prettiest flower, but it does have a one of the best scents ever!

Nicotiana Scensation

- Harvest Romanesco zucchini's before they get too big! 
- Rip out more of the old Totem strawberry plants, leaving just a few to keep training 'babies' as replacements
- Hmm, shall I trim the tops off of the tomatoes this week to promote ripening? or wait a week or so longer?
- Cut down oregano as it begins to brown off and all the pollinators have had their fill of nectar.
- Remove most of any seed spreading herbs or flowers, leaving just a few so that the beds are not overwhelmed with self seeded specials next year.
- Take down the last of the sweet peas :( Boy, were they ever lovely this year!
- Sow seeds for spinach, kale, beets. arugula, and lettuce if seeding, and cabbage, broccoli transplants, if planting, into the newly emptied beds....
- Pick and dry herbs, puree and freeze basil's and parsley.
- Eat lots of pesto pizza made with home grown basil and garlic.
- The onions tops are beginning to flop over... so in a week or so, I will lift them. Once your tops have begun to flop over, on at least half the plants, you can lift them from the ground and leave them on top of the ground for two or three days to cure. I will be curing mine on the garlic table set up in the car port, as then my bed is free for the dill or for more planting.

Dill and oregano

Flowers in General -
- You remember that I am kinda flower-fickle, right? Therefore, I am already starting to think about fall planters and fall blooms, taking down summer...  
- Cut the top third off of any lilies that have finished blooming. If you leave the spent flowers on it will begin to produce seed pods, which takes away from the energy of the bulb. Once it browns off (next month), remove the rest of the flower stem.
- Now that I remembered to pick up brand new grass shears, I can finish cleaning up the lavender. Just snip off the spent blooms and light trim to maintain shape. Do not prune into the hard wood.
- Deadhead dahlias to promote more blooms! (which for me means, bring in as many as possible to fill the vases)
- Cut back or down any plants that have finihsed blooming and are beginning to shut down for fall.
Dinnerplate dahlias

General Yard Work
- Rake up and pick weeds in driveway
- spray vinegar on driveway weeds and pathways.

Huge and tasty Brandywine tomato! Yummers!

The Greenhouse and Nursery
Brought in some new lovely late summer bloomers to sell at the greenhouse and they look fabulous!

- Water, water, water...
- Fertilise tomatoes and potted perennials well this time of year as they have depleted the nutrients in the soil.
- Keep deadheading, weeding and watering...
- Tomatoes are beginning to ripen, make sure to have jars, lids, and all supplies for sauces... plus bags for freezing.

Tomato Side Note... of the tomatoes that have so far vine ripened and been taste tested, I most have enjoyed the White Potato Leaf  Purple Prince, and Prudens Purple the absolute most. They have a great real tomato taste, rich and flavourful in sandwiches and salads.

Greenhouse and  Nursery

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