Friday, 7 September 2012

Greenhouse Ramblings Late Summer

Here we are, just days from our fall open at the greenhouse once again.

And boy are there changes afoot, as always...

Finally, finally, got the walls washed down with the power washer and all is glistening in there once again. Phew! Looks so lovely and bright :)

 Pesta heirloom beefsteak ...
Does this not look like a 'circus' kind of tomato?
With all those crazy colours on one fruit!

These are Canada Long paste tomatoes...
They are huge!
...and delish!

Had all those tall tomatoes in there .. most of them have now been moved out to the hoop house, with only the few on the side, that are out of the way, left in the greenhouse.

Above are picture of two different tomatoes that are extra special! My super picks this month :)

All the peppers are now back in the greenhouse as some of our evenings are too cool for them to be in the hoop house.

Chocolate Bell Peppers are beginning to colour up..
There are tons of peppers on this plant...
It is definitely on my 'gotta grow it next year' list

The peppers are really starting to ripen up... looking amazing!
Know which ones are my favourites already!
Cannot wait to get feed back from you all as to which ones you like the best.

Alma Paprika Peppers are finally staring to colour up :) 

The eggplant is amazing... Morden Midget, surprisingly many of these adorable fruits on this small 18" high shrub!

The nursery is also being changed around for sales beginning this Saturday...

Lots of small fruits are available ... Rhubarb, strawberries, blueberries ...

Seascape Strawberries

Duke and Bluecrop Blueberries...

Also some really lovely herbs....

I have this beautiful Lemongrass!
Tastes so fabulous!
 Remember, as always, everything is organically grown and the greenhouse is run on collected water only, as sustainably as possible!
Goldsturm Rudbeckia

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