Saturday, 22 September 2012

Stuff To Do In September

Suddenly, in one day, it the weather turned fall like!

However, we are still in the midst of watering and more watering, as it is so very dry ....

There are 4 pumpkins here that are stacked upon each other
I have removed most of the extra foliage to let the sun light in...
Hoping they 'ripen' soon!

In the potager...

- Beans have been harvested with a few left on to dry for more Romano's next year. My favourite bean of all time! However, one must pick them quickly as they get stringy and tough very fast.
- The peas are flowering so we will soon have a fresh peas with dinner, sounds appealing actually, have never grown this fall crop of peas before so am quite excited!
- The carrots and cabbages will be harvested, as needed, from the garden. Best place to store them is in the ground!
- Pumpkins are colouring up nicely, just in time for fall baking and fall decor!
- Picking a few tomatoes every day. The Martina's Roma's are all colouring up at the same time, yay! So that I can pick them all and roast them at the same time! Mmm, slow roasted with a bit of olive oil, sea salt, and garlic.
- Grr, green tomatoes! Nights are getting so cool, that there is not a huge chance that they will actually ripen on the vine. If you want to bring them in to ripen, please not that you should only pick the ones that are close to changing colours, if they are still hard, green and/or small, they will not ripen on the counter. I say make lots of Chow Chow and Piccalilli!
- Strawberry beds replanted with the babies. If you have lots of runners, dig them up and place them where you want new plants to grow!
- Seed more lettuce. still time for you all to pop in some spinach, lettuce, turnips, radishes, green onions (spring onions) seeds for fresh salad fixings.
- Plant sweet peas!

Pickin' heirloom pumpkins :)

There are grey aphids on the cabbages and kale. Sigh! This time of year, I am not as fazed by them as I would be in spring, as they will not have a long life ;) The cooler temps and rain will soon get rid of them, thankfully, and so for now, I just spray them off with water when I go around with the hose.

Aphids on the Red Mammoth Cabbages... ugh! 

Yard Chores
- Weed! everywhere, lol!
- Tender perennials should be potted up in preparation ... to put into cold frames, greenhouses, unheated porches, etc... for the winter.
- Lift Glads, Dahlias, Crocosmia ... this month if I have time, otherwise it will be next month... still lots of time :) as they are still blooming away.
- Prune back raspberry canes that fruited this year.

Plant garlic! 

Fun Stuff
- Buy lots of spring flowering bulbs! Tulips for pots and the potager, Daffs for the front as they are deer proof!
- Do up more fall planters! Yay! Revamping the ones out front this week!
- Decorate porches, decks, foyer, greenhouse with fall decor.

Smaller fall planters for deck or for table top... 

In The Greenhouse
- Sow some sweet peas in pots.
- Take cuttings, all kinds of cuttings... place them in the shade to grow as it is too hot anywhere else. Do not event think of putting them into the greenhouse as hot as things are right now!
- Fall planters, making up toms of planters, to sell at the greenhouse, on order from great clients, and for myself, of course ;)

Some of the planters I have been making ...

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