Wednesday, 17 October 2012

October Ramblings

Hey you all, I know, I know, I missed the Ramblings in September.... somehow with the busy garden clean up and greenhouse being open, I totally forgot to share what was up!

Here is a catch up on what is going on this month...

Rain! Finally! We have just now had two days of drizzle.
Is not much yet, not nearly enough, but it sure helps :)

But then!!! We got a whole bunch of rain during the night :) Whew!

That's a lot of rain in one night!

In The Potager ... The Raised Beds

The nicotiana's, zinnia's and garden peas are still going strong!
The Red Mammoth cabbages are amazing!
(Except a wee bit of slug damage! Grr!)
Though they may soon start splitting with all this rainfall!
The new strawberry bed has been planted up...
I start with new plants or runners (daughters from the mother plants)
every 3 years to ensure great fruits.
Planting this time of year allows the plants to root in ...
So that we are able to harvest lots of berries already next spring.
Garlic beds! 
Our family loves garlic...
We make pesto, hummus, stir fry, bruschetta, and actually, we tend to add garlic to just about everything ..
And I LOVE to grow the garlic... It is so super simple to do with an amazing pay off!
Therefore, this year I planted up three 6' x 6' beds with just garlic  ....
This one has tons of Legacy garlic surrounding the one, single, lonely Globe Artichoke plant ;)
The other two beds have Musica and Red Russian garlic.
The garlic planting how to can be found here!
You all know that the house is up for sale, eh?
Sooo. if it were to sell before harvest time next July ...
 The new owners will have nearly 300 head of garlic to deal with!
The kale is also loving this cooler weather! 
There are two types growing in the potager this year ...
These little plants are the new ones,
Were planted just a bit ago, in late summer....
Mmm, kale chips anyone?  
The herb bed is going strong ..
Chives, Sages ( I have three different ones!) and the Greek Oregano are really thriving...
Sadly, my Tarragon seems to have nearly died back :(
Was slightly choked out and nearly swallowed by the Oregano!
It is still there, but is not very bif, so am really hoping that it will over-winter!
Things are starting to colour up for fall... 
The Big Leaf Maple is turning yellow, as is the Beauty Bush
while the Bloodgood Maple has turned bright red! 

The shade planter Hostas are really pretty this time of year!

Heuchera is taking over...
(Psst, love the wooden flowers from Home Sense, eh? Super Cute!)
 Burnished red on this deer resistant Dwarf Fothergilla :) Stunning!
Rosa 'Queen Elziabeth' is still all abloom.
All of the roses seem to be loving this cool, wet weather :)
This is George Vancouver, a hardy Explorer Rose.

I love roses with big hips :)

The heirloom pumpkins are super awesome this year!
They could have been a bit bigger... if only they had received water more often..oops!
But...  so much fun to grow!

The blue heirloom pumpkins, Jarrahdale's, are amazing this year... Huge!
They were a bit later than the others ...
As they were seeded in June while the others went into the ground as transplants!


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