Thursday, 1 November 2012

Thanks, eh!

Sending out big thanks to all of you who read The Nitty Gritty Potager!

Over 4000 reads! Wahoo!

Yes, I know, that's not exactly viral, lol... but am so happy that you all want to hear about things that go on in the potager from month to month.... tomato issues, how to plant your garlic, or potatoes, stringing up your cukes, etc...

Hoping that those of you, who are new to greenhouse gardening are finding bits of information useful and helpful in your situation, whether you live in a gardening Zone 7, as I do, or not.  

Thanks for sharing, caring and being interested in how to grow organically and sustainably, for loving heirlooms, and traditional old fashioned kitchen gardening.

No idea why you all don't 'Follow" this blog... as I tend to follow any and all kinds of blogs ... at the drop of a hat, lol ... they write one article that interests me, and I become a follower ..  Hey, does that make me easy? ; )

Totally grateful and blessed that you are reading my blog. Thank you! 

Delilah at her favourite drinking bowl, the little marsh at the front of the property...

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