Thursday, 13 December 2012

Greenhouse Ramblings in December

Jade plants aka Lucky Trees 

In eastern cultures, Jades are known as Lucky Trees, Friendship Trees, or Money Plants. You will often see them by the cash register and/or in the southwest corner of homes and businesses, as a symbol of good luck, wealth, prosperity, and great friendships.

In the western school of Feng Shui, that means the far left corner of the room.

I always have a Lucky Jade in the far left corner of my greenhouse and also in my living room ... I figure one can never have too much good luck or too many great friendships :)

The Begonias, started from seed in early October, are now almost thumbnail size :)

The spring bulbs are starting to pop up in the baskets already ...   likely due to the mild weather, so far.
I assume growth will slow down in January, once we begin to get real winter-y weather here on the coast.

Isn't this charming? The bell flowers in the hoop house, Blue Waterfall Campanula, are still blooming!

A little Bhut Jolokia aka The Ghost Pepper

I have been busily planting a great many fabulous varieties of sizzling Hot Peppers ...  plus updating the Nitty Gritty web page as I go along...

The Alma Paprika Pepper.. one of the prettiest peppers I have ever grown!
Great for drying and grinding into paprika powder...

To dream about hot sauces and pickled hot peppers, check out My Web Site for a list of all the new varieties I will be carrying in spring of 2013.
If you have any special requests, a special pepper that you would like me to grow, please contact me asap, as they need much time to germinate and then mature!

I grow hot peppers, lots of them, as the entire family, except me, loves pickled hot peppers!
Therefore, I grow all kinds of peppers, can them up, and the family trials them to see which one become the new family fave. So far, the Black Hungarian rules as a pickled pepper.

Though you all know that I cannot tolerate any heat! None at all! Am a total wimp ...I am still totally stoked to be offering these peppers ... So excited! :)

Check out this fabulous chart that explains how hot your peppers really are, and how they measure up in Scoville Units.
This heat chart can also be found on My Web Site under the heading 'My Blog'.

The mandarins are almost ready!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Delilah and I!

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