Sunday, 9 December 2012

Oh Joy! Happy Birthday!

Soooo. we are about to become parents again... okay, not literally, lol, but new puppy parents!

We currently have our darling Delilah...  aka Little 'Lilah.
She is 3 and the light of my life :)
Little 'Lilah is an American Mastiff, slightly goofy, and very, very sweet. She is eager to please, quick to learn, and loves to meet new people at the greenhouse, especially children.

Sleeping on the job ;) My baby girl does not like to be left behind, so goes where I go... in the greenhouse she sleeps on her old beds that are no longer acceptable for in the house, while I plant and seed.

The new baby is an English Mastiff, and we have not yet chosen a name, nor do we have any idea of her personality traits as of yet.
Cannot wait to meet her in the new year!
Open to great puppy names, if you have ideas.... she will be around 200 lbs at full grown and this light fawn in colour. Yes, a girl ; )

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