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Garden Ramblings in November

This month is crazy weather month with off and on sunshine..
Light to heavy rain days...
Even a few storms and high winds...

Autumn planters still going strong with the Nandina colouring up nicely in the cooler temps!

Pennisetum rubrum ( purple fountain grass) is a total fall favourite of mine, with it's wispy feathery plumes and fabulous colouring. It is a tender perennial, so might not over winter here... however, I shall soon take it in to the greenhouse and see how it fares under cover.

In the potager, though the skies are kinda grey, there are pops of colour... Strawberry beds in fall glory, silvery blue cabbages .... A yellowing Big Leaf Maple leaf on the table...  all chippy in Tiffany Blue ...   
Roses in the garden ... this one is a lavender hued mini rose.

In town by the local pharmacy, this long hedgerow of lovely pink roses is completely covered in buds and blooms ....


Osmanthus aka False Holly also thrives in the cooler temps and lots of moisture of a wes…

Greenhouse in November

All is quiet in the greenhouse...

I have a few cuttings and seedlings on the go....

The mandarin's are beginning to colour up!
So exciting!

Oh no! My poor Echiveria's were getting waterlogged, finally remembered to bring them into the greenhouse.
They are stunning! So gorgeous!
Thriving in a crumbling hypertufa pot ... my first attempt at hypertufa!
I think the actual project turned out all right ...however, think one is not supposed to move the pot around much (as it is soft and will crumble) nor should one put something that is so fast growing into it!

The Alchemilla mollis aka Lady's Mantle is still blooming in this lovely chartreuse green!

The pretty edited out version of potting bench supplies....

How it really looks!
Yep, dog treats for when Little 'Lilah scares away the deer or doesn't drool on the company :)
Spoons for measuring fertilisers, markers, pens, pruners, knives, pliers... so many tools of the trade that are not particularly pretty, but very ne…

Sweet Peas and Roses

Sweet, tasty garden peas in mid-November. A Little 'Lilah favourite.

Is still flowering, too.... Hmmm, wonder if they will keep producing? What a great and tasty experiment :)

The lavender coloured mini roses have decided to come into bloom now. Thank you!

A bright garden addition.

Sweet heads of lettuce and no fear of bolting!

Strawberries in fall colour...

Making Some Changes

Under Construction.... I am making some changes to the look of ' The Nitty Gitty Potager.'  Please bear with my ths month as the look may change daily, with my mood... till I find the look I like.... Please feel free to give feedback, your thoughts and ideas on the new look.. ... please be gentle ;)

Greenhouse Ramblings November

Here on the west coast, the rainy season has begun...

Rainy season began with a bang, more than 8 inches in the last few weeks....
There is still much yard work, garden clean up, cutting back and mulching going on outdoors..

It rains or drizzles near every day...
But as the temps are still so nice and warm, so is lovely to work outdoors.

Outside In The Nursery....

Much transplanting and potting up of perennials happens at this time of year... Perennials that have outgrown their pots are moved up into larger ones, and others benefit from new soil so either get topped up or transplanted.

The hardy roses have beautiful foliage in autumn!  Roses, trees, and shrubs that have lost most of their leaves are moved into the hoop house for the winter.... Though they can be moved in earlier, the leaves would fall into and around the pots. As they may be harbouring fungal issues or bugs, I prefer to wait till they are nearly foliage free before I pop them into them under cover. If you have plant…

Thanks, eh!

Sending out big thanks to all of you who read The Nitty Gritty Potager!

Over 4000 reads! Wahoo!

Yes, I know, that's not exactly viral, lol... but am so happy that you all want to hear about things that go on in the potager from month to month.... tomato issues, how to plant your garlic, or potatoes, stringing up your cukes, etc...

Hoping that those of you, who are new to greenhouse gardening are finding bits of information useful and helpful in your situation, whether you live in a gardening Zone 7, as I do, or not.  

Thanks for sharing, caring and being interested in how to grow organically and sustainably, for loving heirlooms, and traditional old fashioned kitchen gardening.

No idea why you all don't 'Follow" this blog... as I tend to follow any and all kinds of blogs ... at the drop of a hat, lol ... they write one article that interests me, and I become a follower ..  Hey, does that make me easy? ; )

Totally grateful and blessed that you are reading my blog. …