Saturday, 26 January 2013

January Greenhouse Ramblings, New Year 2013

I am back! So very sorry about the computer probs, think we have them ironed out... fingers crossed!

Here is a catch up on the greenhouse goings on this month.....

With the three tropical fruit trees, a fig, sweet bay tree, phormiums, cuttings and seedlings... It's a crazy, wild, jungle in the greenhouse!

The geraniums are coming along very nicely! Great foliage and flowers for spring!

This month I have started....

Peppers, some herbs., a few perennials, assorted annuals ...

All kinds of alliums ... onions, chives, and leeks ...
As I do not start onions from sets, I start seed already in January for nice onions in summer.
I find that I get better and bigger onions, tastier, with much more selections to choose from if I grow from seed rather than sets...
I have a great many choices of heirloom onions on offer this year, from Italy, Scotland, Australia and more ...

Just transplanted the Sweet Bay trees into bio-pots. They are so very slow to take off, hoping that they are ready for sales this spring! Eep!

These yellow sticky sheets have been hung above all the seedlings and cuttings to keep an eye on the 'bug population'.
In general is the white fly and aphids that I watch out for this time of year, though fungus gnats can also get to be a problem later on.
These yellow stickies let me know if and when I have an issue. So far, so good!
Regardless, I spray once a week with insecticidal soap so that I do not end up with a huge problem of any bug, at any time. Is a preventative measure for now.

 Have some gorgeous mini-roses in colourful pots, ready to go this spring!

Wow, am so excited... the lemons are finally beginning to colour up! In cloudy, gloomy January on the island! Amazing.

Some mandarins are ready to pick and others almost there... They are very tasty, small but delicious!

The greenhouse helpers have fallen asleep.
This is 'how we roll' at the Nitty Gritty! Is the only way that I can still plant, seed, and get stuff done, and both girls are more than happy to keep me company : )

Little Kali puppy is now 11 weeks old and loves to pull the tags out of all the pots, if I am not fast enough to catch her.

Little 'Lilah is 3.5 years old and so much more refined, though goofy in character when peeps come over, she is super well behaved in the greenhouse.

We have had no rain lately, which has meant clear skies and thus very cold nights (not Alberta kind of cold, but BC Vancouver Island kind of cold ; ) ... and soooo much heating is being used in the greenhouse.

Am so grateful that temps seem to be warming up and the rains returning ; )
Whew! ... now who else says that, eh? Crazy gardeners!

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