Friday, 15 March 2013

March Ramblings

Walking out back in the potager with the pups, I am thoroughly enjoying getting my fingers in the dirt again.
However, we have had a fairly wet time of it lately here on the island and so, some days the soil is very wet.

Please note, that while the garden soil is wet and soggy, do not work it.
Do not walk on it, do not till it or turn it until it is dry and crumbly, and do not plant in it.
To do any of these things will be very detrimental to the soil, and will not hasten your spring chores.

It is, however, a good time to test your soil and add your amendments to the top of the soil, incorporating only once the soil is dry.

I try to remember to jot down notes in the journal all the time
Plans I made, seeds I started, when I started them...

Begin to journal you ideas and plans for the season ahead.
Make a drawing of your garden and plan out what goes where this year.
That way, you can begin to prepare the beds for cool season crops first, worrying about the warm season crops later on.

Veggies that you can plant this month ...
- peas
- carrots
- broad beans only, not green beans!
- mache, arugula, mustard greens, Oriental greens
- garlic
- parsnips
- radishes

Early spring peas....
The beds of garlic are coming up nicely. Can hardly wait till summer for scapes and fresh garlic. 
These beds were planted up last year at the end of beginning of October. We were, at the time, still in the midst of our drought season and it was hot enough to melt the candles inside the hurricane lanterns! I had to put a sprinkler on these beds for a good hour, to soak into the really dry soil. At a slow soak like that, the water was actually able to penetrate the super dry soil, instead of running off and going to waste.   

Yep. that is the rhubarb, beginning to pop it's way through.
Green Globe Artichoke popping through, as well.

The kale is putting on new leaves ... ymmers! Was munching on some today as I strolled with the pups.
No aphids to worry about at this time of year ; )
Chives and Tulips are coming up in the herb bed, while the Salad Burnett in front stayed green year round.
Salad Burnett has a lightly cucumber-ish flavour, great for topping salads or egg sandwiches.
Use the new tender leaves as the older ones may be bitter.
I like to grow it mostly for the pretty raspberry coloured flowers it has in summer.
 Salad Burnett in bloom
This Obelisk or Tuteur, is my favourite piece of garden art.
It is rusty and fabulous!
Each year, I plant sweet peas at the base of it, and by mid-summer you can no longer see the tuteur.
Truly  my fave piece, so much so that I decided to get a fellow to make up some 4' and 6' tall ones to sell at the greenhouse this spring. Hope you guys like it as much as I do! 
Daffs are well on their way, blooms very soon!

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