Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Garden and Greenhouse Ramblings in April

This year has been a bit of a scramble, even now, still feeling like I am playing catch up....

Little Lilah became ill in January and much time was spent running to the vet, then caring for her, not sleeping, worrying, and thus, 2013 got off to a rough start.

This month, I have not spent much time in the back yard/potager as I get sad when I go back there and think about my darling Lilah. Puppy is not very garden friendly yet, so that also cuts back on the time I can spend in there, she romps thru raised beds, planted or not, pulls heads off of blooms, eats the sticks, labels, tags and stakes...

Therefore ... time heals all, but for this month I will just post a few pics.

Potatoes have sprouted.... when they are 6 to 8 inches tall, I will throw more soil over them, leaving just the tips above the soil level.

The garlic beds are truly thriving in the sun, rain, sun of spring...
I planted something in and around the garlic last fall and am not sure what it is...
Think it might be Breadseed Poppies, which would be lovely ; )
However, should probably take better notes and not rely on my 'memory' ; )

Carrots are ready to be thinned!

Mmm, loving the Kale!

The asparagus keeps on coming  : )
This is year three, so I harvest enough for myself and a guest or two, twice a week.
Have both the Sweet Purple and Jersey Knight.
The chives are near ready to bloom....

The two rhubarb plants are full of large, juicy stalks!

The herb bed and three beds of garlic....

This month ... you should plant ...
-more carrots
-more kale
-more peas
-lettuce, spinach, greens
-Brussels sprouts

The nursery is full of veggies, perennials, and roses!

Timber kitty and the spring planters, still going strong...

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