Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ramblings in May

This month is fairly zipping by! We have had record breaking warm temperatures... and now, as usual, gone into a bit of a cool spell during and after the May Long Week-End! Fingers crossed that it does not last the entire month of June as it often tends to do here on the island!

In the greenhouse ... tomatoes, cukes, zucchini's, and other warm weather crops are ready to go... however, the cooler weather is a real worry.
Please look into making some kind of shelter for your babies, like the inexpensive and easy tomato cage hot houses as seen here.

The roses are just beginning to bloom, they look amazing and will bloom like mad for the next few months, taking a bit of a lull in the heat of summer.


The Hawthorn comes into full glory at the end of May and thru June... entirely covered in these lovely pink blooms.

The chives are blooming in the herb bed...

Looks like another bumper crop of Honeoye strawberries again this year1 
These Breadseed Poppies were seeded last fall and are now just about ready to bloom....

The potatoes are pretty near ready for their second hilling.
That will be the last one, as I grow mine in a trench and then hill them up until the bed is level...
no actual hills in sight ; )

 One of these things just doesn't belong here ...
Can you see the huge Green Globe Artichoke in the garlic bed?
Just about time for garlic scapes!

One of the beds of carrots ...
I grow lots of carrots ; )
Rattlesnake and Purple Pod beans just recently planted at the base of the trellis ..
So excited!
This heirloom bean mix is from Renee's Garden Seeds.
They have a fabulous variety of lovely veggies and blooms, with the best combinations i have ever found!
Am a big fan.

Happy gardening everyone!

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