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Ramblings in May

This month is fairly zipping by! We have had record breaking warm temperatures... and now, as usual, gone into a bit of a cool spell during and after the May Long Week-End! Fingers crossed that it does not last the entire month of June as it often tends to do here on the island!

In the greenhouse ... tomatoes, cukes, zucchini's, and other warm weather crops are ready to go... however, the cooler weather is a real worry.
Please look into making some kind of shelter for your babies, like the inexpensive and easy tomato cage hot houses as seen here.

The roses are just beginning to bloom, they look amazing and will bloom like mad for the next few months, taking a bit of a lull in the heat of summer.

The Hawthorn comes into full glory at the end of May and thru June... entirely covered in these lovely pink blooms.

The chives are blooming in the herb bed...
Looks like another bumper crop of Honeoye strawberries again this year1  These Breadseed Poppies were seeded last fall and are n…

How to Grow Great Tomatoes ... and No Blight

Growing Great Tomatoes ....

I have written several articles about growing tomatoes, common issues/problems and how to avoid them or deal with them, and some planting how-to's.. Also, how to keep them warm in a cool June!
But... on to this month's blurb on how to grow fabulous tomatoes!

Amend the bed with compost.

Lay plastic or newspapers or paper weed barrier onto the beds, which helps to warm the soil, and also keeps the weeds away. Most importantly though, it prevents soil and diseases from splashing up onto the foliage when you water.
You can also use landscape fabric, the black keeps the soil warm, soaks up the sun, and keeps the splashes away. This is the only place I recommend using landscape fabric, ever!

Cut holes into the barrier for your t…

A Herbal Quickie

I love to grow herbs.

Most folks grow them for their culinary needs. Some grow them for medicinal purposes. Others grow them for tea, ointments, soaping, etc..

Me? I grow them for the way they look, their pretty flowers, and for what they do for my garden.
Bring in pollinators? Great!
Bring in the good bugs that eat the bad bugs? Fantastic!
Bring in hummingbirds and butterflies? Sweet!
Repel bugs? Fantabulous!

Here is a list of some of the herbs I sell and a brief blurb on why I grow them, or why others might use them.

Anise Hyssop
Me: Beautiful flowers that attract the bees. Is a gorgeous, deer resistant perennial. The flowers make a lovely garnish for fruit salad.
Others -  teas, sweetener, medicinal uses for chest colds, coughs and more.

Anise Hyssop  Basil 
Me - Pesto. Bug repelling (fleas, mosquito's, aphids, whitefly) and is a great companion plant for tomatoes.
Others - Cooking, esp Italian foods. Ointments. Teas and tonics for digestion. Gets rid of headaches.


Yay! It's The Merry Month of May!

This is the month we all wait for here in Canada.
May long week-end is the traditional planting out date for many areas of the country.
Annual baskets are hung, planters planted, tender veggies are transplanted, and warm weather seeds are direct seeded into the garden.

Here is a list of things to plant and do in the merry month of May ...

Transplanting to the garden...
- towards the end of the month, plant your tomato seedlings outside. Still preferable if you have a cloche, hothouse, cold frame, etc... just in case we have some cool winds or wet and rainy weeks in June.
- annuals can be planted into the beds, pots and planters.
- melons, but grow in pots so that they can come in if the weather chills.
- peppers, should also be covered with cloche, hothouse, etc... or grown in pots for another month so that they can be brought inside should the weather be inclement.
- marigolds, nasturtiums, allysum
- all herbs, even the tender ones.

Direct seeding in the garden....

Plant your pot…