Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Roses At The Nitty Gritty

Wow! Have the roses ever taken off this month.

My goal is always to try to get the roses blooming in time for Mother's Day ...  As the weather was a bit cool and grey leading up to the big day, I missed my goal by one week ; ) 

They are now making up for lost time!

Here are just some of the fabulous roses in bloom at the Nitty Gritty this year.... They are all simply and stunningly perfect! 

Sexy Rexy is a standard aka Tree Form Rose
Absolutely stunning! 
Good As Gold is a deep rich gold colour with a fabulous fragrance.
Rock and Roll has the strongest scent of all the roses here a the greenhouse.
Westerland is a climber, gorgeous colouring on this rose, hardy and fragrant... one of my all time favourites!         .    

Twilight Zone is the deepest purple of them all! Wow!
I had to grow this one as I am all about heirloom veggies... A rose called Heirloom fits right in. Great fragrance, huge blooms and looks stunning.
This one has caused a stir at the greenhouse this year... is huge, fabulous, fragrant, simply stunning.
The Scentimental is a standard rose this year..It also comes as a shrub rose but I went for the 3 foot tall tree form. Is truly a heavenly rose. 
This rose blew my mind. I had no great expectations from a rose with such a casual name ...  but it is this stunning in real life!
Such a looker this striped bi-colour purple and white rose is.
This is one of my favourites of the year, too! This mini rose stays compact, at about 18 to 24 inches tall and wide, but has these gorgeous huge orange-y terra cotta coloured blooms.
I cannot say enough about Blue Girl, she is simply stunning each and every year.
Secret is just about to unfurl in this photo, getting ready to give up the secret that she is a must have rose.
Just Joey has the largest blooms of any rose I have ever seen.
There are so many more great roses to choose from here at the greenhouse this year...

Happy Gardening! 


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