Friday, 27 June 2014

Scented Geraniums In Your Potager

 Pop your scented geraniums in pots and planters throughout the garden...

Scented geraniums. I adore them! A true heirloom plant that has been around for hundreds of years!

 Prince of Orange

They are naturally scented wonders of the plant world. No one had to add anything to them to make them so fabulous and fragrant, they just simply are! 

There are so many choices available, from floral ones to fruity ones, spicy ones and oddly varied, really pungent ones.

Some that I have grown are Prince of Orange, Lemon Fizz, Apple, Citronella, Rober's Lemon Rose, Attar of Roses, Pink Champagne, Ginger, Coconut, Peppermint, Chocolate Mint, Balsam and so many more. Love them and cannot get enough of them.

Here are some of the uses ... this is why I love them and why you will, too!

Dry the leaves to make a great potpourri or to tuck into sachets for the linen closet or lingerie drawer.

Add fresh leaves to the tub when running the water, or into a pail of warm water, to make for a lovely, scented bath or hair rinse. 

Make little posies or tussy-mussies out of them for your nightstand, or as welcoming room fresheners in the guest room.

Place a branch or two in your floral bouquet or completely on their own in a vase, to add a light, pleasant, fresh, scent to the room.

Make an easy flavoured, scented sugar for cookies, cakes and more...

Use in your baking, in cakes, cookies, sweet scones and biscuits. Place some leaves on the bottom of the cake pan or a flower in, on, or under each biscuit or cookie.

Add to your home made jams, jellies or syrups.

They make fabulous flavoured sugars, too.
Used by many for their medicinal properties and also for teas.

They are great companion plants that ward off Japanese beetles, cabbage worms, corn ear worms, spider mites and aphids in the garden.

 Apple scented geranium

Plant them by your doorway or the dogs bed to repel mosquito's, fleas and flies.

Shrubland Rose - gorgeous red flowers and fabulous scent. 
My favourite way to use them is potted up with a variety of other companion plants, different flowers or  herbs, and then scattered throughout the gardens, deck and pathways.

 And...  If the fact that they are smell great, are attractive, and have so many uses isn't enough, they are also deer and bunny proof because they don't tend to like the strong scent or fuzzy leaves!     

The fragrance is released whenever the foliage is touched or moved, so place them everywhere and anywhere, but most of all, somewhere that allows you to brush along them as you walk by ...  in the pathway, the garden, on the deck, by the doorway... 

Pink Champagne scented geranium is still putting on new blooms

Have a scent-sational summer!

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