Saturday, 5 July 2014

Fall and Winter Gardening ... in July

Yes, odd as it sounds and seems, this really is the time to think (fast!) about your fall and winter harvest.

Here are some ideas of what to plant now to get you started on growing more food! Great for pickling, freezing, fresh eating or simply leave in the garden and pull as needed. I plant more and more carrots each year to try to get through the entire winter with fresh carrots from our own garden. So far, the longest we have gone was to the end of February and then we ran out... we go through a lot of carrots as all the dogs love them, too. After fresh garden carrots, they refuse to eat the tasteless grocery store ones!   

What to plant NOW from seed in the garden now for fall and winter harvest

- carrots (harvest in fall, winter, and next spring)
- beets (fall)
- rutabaga's (fall and winter)
- kohlrabi (fall and winter)
- sprouting broccoli/broccolette/broccoli raab (winter and spring)
- broccoli (fall)
- winter cabbage (winter)
- parsnips (fall and winter)
- endive/radicchio (fall)
- Swiss chard (fall)
- cauliflower (fall and winter)

You will need to water well, daily or even twice daily in order for them to germinate and then stay alive. If the seed begins to germinate and dries out even once, it will die. You may want to use shade cloth, burlap, frost blankets etc.. to help keep the seedlings moist and allow for successful germination. Remove as soon as germination occurs.   

What to plant now into flats or pots or 6 packs

Planting into flats, 6 packs or pots allows you to keep a better eye on the wee plants as seeds and seedlings require more water, or at the very least a daily regular watering, while established veggies can go days without watering.

- sprouting broccoli/broccolette/broccoli raab (winter and next spring harvest)
- cabbage (winter)
- broccoli (fall)
- winter onions (next spring)
- kale (fall and winter)

Place these where you can easily tend to them, water, feed and babysit, so that they do not dry out and get lost amongst the lush growth in the gardens.

Mid to end month, you can plant the following...

- arugula (for fall harvest)
- lettuce (fall)
- kale (fall)
- spinach (fall)
- winter onions (next spring)
- radishes (fall)
- peas (fall)

Wanna take a chance on the fall weather and see what you get?
If so, plant a few of these now, too ... I am! 

- beans
- squash
- cukes
- basil

Happy fall planting!  

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  1. I hope that it my pickles will be ok for the fall! I have never plant anything in the fall! Thank you for the post!


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