Friday, 12 December 2014

Growing Great Peppers, Eggplants & Tomatoes

Always wanted to grow your own really nice, big, juicy peppers? Looking forward to heading out to your own potager to pick some Jalapenos for your famous, homemade fresh salsa? Or canning up a storm of tomato sauces, pasta sauces and jarred salsa, made with your homegrown ingredients?

 Chinese Five Colour Hot Peppers
Maybe you want to grow your own hottest peppers of the world, like the Bhut Jololia (Ghost Pepper) or the Carolina Reaper?The super hots can be kind of tricky to germinate, join us for some tips and tricks on how to have a successful crop and stun all your friends ; )

This workshop is for you!

1. Grow Really Great Sweet & Hot Peppers (Eggplants, too) Workshop!

Choose from a great selection of all kinds of pepper and eggplant seeds, sow them here and go home with the potential for 24 plants!

Enough plants to give extras as gifts to friends! Or grow them all yourself and sell the peppers at market, roast and store for winter, dehydrate, give as gifts, can and process, or chop and freeze till needed later. 
Both peppers and eggplants can be tricky to grow from seed and take a long time to go from seed to transplant. Learn how to go from seed to harvest successfully, with full instructions for how to grow them on when you take them home. Will cover soil selection, germination, seedling care, transplanting and how to best grow them in summer, till harvest.

Firecracker Chili Peppers

Sweet Crimson Peppers
Pepper/Eggplant Workshop

Two dates to choose from ...

Saturday, January 31st          OR              Sunday, February 1st
From 1pm till 4 pm                                 From 1pm till 4 pm 

Break time with snacks and bevvies is included.........       $25

* Optional - An additional Seed Growing Kit with everything you need to start and grow your own seeds at home for $40. Seeding (heat) mat, seedling humidity dome, fertiliser, etc.. 

Sign up now to secure your spot at 

Growing Great Tomatoes Workshop

Love to eat fresh tomatoes off the vine? Wondering where to start and what to do?

From seed to harvest, how to grow lots and lots of really, great, tasty heirloom tomatoes.
Sow the seeds here, choosing from a huge selection of heirloom varieties for the potential of 24 plants! Share them with friends, sun dry or roast them, make into fabulous sauces, ketchup even! or maybe sell at market. 
We go over the best medium to use, watering, lighting, etc..  You take the seed trays home and grow them on at home, with how-to info for successfully taking them from start to finish.

Date: Sat, Mar 14                    OR                    Sun, Mar 15
Time : 1pm - 4pm                                           From 1pm till 4 pm

*Snacks and bevvies included............................. $25

* Plus, optional Seed Growing Supply Kit with everything you need to start and grow your own seeds at home for $40.        

Sign up for this workshop now at          

No space or place to grow your own seedlings at home? No problem! Pick up your pepper, tomato and eggplant transplants from me and attend this following workshop instead...

 Tomato and Pepper Growing Mastered!

Now that you have picked up your tomato, pepper and eggplant plants and are ready to go, here is a workshop on how to master growing them all summer long, from transplant to harvest, for the best results each and every year.

How to grow great organic tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers ... how to prune, feed, water, stake, harvest, and prevent both diseases and pests

When : Sun, June 14th
Time : 1pm till 4pm

*includes snacks and bevvies ..... $20                   

To sign up, please contact me   

See HERE for more workshops coming up in 2015! 

Please note the cancellation policy which can be found at the bottom of THIS PAGE.

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