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Roses At The Nitty Gritty

Wow! Have the roses ever taken off this month.

My goal is always to try to get the roses blooming in time for Mother's Day ...  As the weather was a bit cool and grey leading up to the big day, I missed my goal by one week ; ) 

They are now making up for lost time!

Here are just some of the fabulous roses in bloom at the Nitty Gritty this year.... They are all simply and stunningly perfect! 

May Garden Ramblings

Finally, the month of May!
Sometimes warm and sunny and sometimes cool and wet here on the Pacific North West coast.

Flowers and trees are coming to life .. cherries blooming, plums blooming, apples just about in bloom. Magnolias, forsythia, azaleas, rhodo's and more... Wonderful time to live here on the island!

By now, most of you likely have planted many of the cool weather crops in the garden ..
Your peas, onions, most of your cruciferous crops like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.. Also lettuce, spinach, kale and the herbs like cilantro that tend to bolt in the heat.
You have either planted your potatoes already or are just about to plant them and might already be harvesting your first crop of radishes.
You can plant some more peas for succession cropping, so they are not all ready at the same time, and your carrots and radishes, too. 

Potatoes in the early stages at the nitty gritty potager.
The month of May is the month is when the warmer weather lovers get planted, t…