Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A Bountiful Season Of Harvest

 Eggplants aplenty!   

Despite the drought and unending heat this summer,
we enjoyed an exceptionally bountiful growing season.

Here is a look back look at just some of this years splendid harvest ...

Colourful spuds. 

Russian Blue, Ama Rosa and Banana potatoes. 

Natural, raw sauerkraut

Made sauerkraut both in summer and in fall! 
The fall cabbage was particularly sweet and lovely.


Terrific year for celery, best heads I've ever grown. 
For some reason they really thrived in all the heat and dry conditions.

Picking Brussels Sprout for our Thanksgiving dinner!
Psst, the Canadian one is in October ; ) 

Some other fresh pickings for our Thanksgiving table. 
Salad of kale, lettuce, pea pods, shoots, and blossoms.
Beans and carrots to roast, and dill for the gravy. 

Dill features heavily in everything we eat, comes from my Scandinavian roots.  

Lovely, crisp, fall radishes! 

Beets - red and gold! 

Am sure that these would have made a peck or two of pickled peppers!
Instead, we dried and crushed them to make a super hot pepper mix.

Bhut Jolokia, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Firecracker Chili, 
Chinese Five Colour, and Pasilla Bajio.  

The sweet peppers were equally lovely and productive. 

Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans.
Bar none, the best beans I have ever tasted.  

Beans of all kinds and colours... 

Tomatoes kept on giving and giving and giving... 
We have tomato ketchup, frozen tomatoes, canned tomatoes, roasted tomatoes, sauced tomatoes... 
Well, you get the picture. 

 Oh, and .... Green Tomato Chow-Chow!

 Gorgeous heirloom Italian Torpedo Onions.  

Not to be forgotten...
The birds will also be eating well this winter! 
Dried sunflower heads to hang on the fence.

 Painted Mountain Corn

I grew these stunning cobs for fall decor...
However, soon noticed that the birds also really love the colourful kernels.

A wreath made of these cobs, hung on the fence or gate at Christmas time, would make a stunning display
 and the birds would so enjoy their winter feast. 

Happy Fall Harvest!

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