Thursday, 31 December 2015

Garden Reflections

Here we are at the last day of 2015 and the final blog post of the year. Hoping you all had a fantastic year and wishing you much gardening success and joy in 2016.

Frosty blooms 

What a year it was here at the Nitty Gritty Greenhouse, a great year, but with some bumps and bruises along the way.

Slowly but surely this grassy acre is becoming a lovely little homestead, thank you all for bearing with us during the process.

Your visits to the nursery absolutely make my day! My week! My month! I so enjoy seeing you all and chatting gardening, pets, life, weather...

The workshops were a blast, as always! Swapping stories and laughing with you all as we tackled growing our own organic food or made pretty baskets. To attend one or more of these fabulous and fun workshops, please go to the link HERE. The tab up top will show you both lists, DIY's and How-to's.      

In the potager, the gardens thrived, produced, and grew like mad, even as we dealt with drought and severe water restrictions. The mister and I canned, froze, preserved, pickled, sauced, and de-hydrated more than ever before!

The girls joyfully playing after Ruby (lying down) recovered from her knee surgeries

Our sweet Ruby Tuesday had both knees operated on so was out of commission for the entire spring and summer, while little Penelope puppy grew and grew and grew...  a bit like Clifford the Big Red Dog.   
Here are some highlight pics of how the Nitty Gritty Potager grew, month by month ....

January... We were still enjoying a great selection of beautiful, sweet carrots straight out of our own gardens. Also kale, leeks, Brussels sprouts, and parsnips, too. Citrus trees come into their own during the winter months. This is when they really start to flower and fruit.  

A basket of yummy carrots and Brussels sprouts, too
Atomic Red (pink ones), Cosmic Purple, Danvers Half Longs, and Nantes 

Citrus trees flower and fruit happily during the winter months

February ...  The days are getting longer and warmer. Plants begin to come out of their winter dormancy.  

 Olives forming on the adorable, wee Arbequina olive tree

Violas blooming... 

March ... Spring was most definitely in the air. Flowers blooming everywhere and workshops in full swing.  

Fenced in the garden beds to keep the puppies out

What is that saying... 
Good fences make for good doggies and happy mommies? 
Something like that ; ) 

 Anemones bloomed and I fell in love!

April ... Garden beds, pots and planters begin to perk right up... welcome sunshine!

Gardens come to life... 
#gardensawaken do pots and planters. 

May... was all about the roses and the strawberries. What a glorious month it was. 

Well, hello sun!

 Alliums time to shine
June-bearing strawberries are putting on the fruits... 

 Roses showing off!
The new buds on the Black Baccara live up to their name. 

Basket making workshops are in full swing... 

June ...  If you plant it, it will grow. June was a gorgeous month, warm and sunny. Everything one planted immediately thrived! Of course, by the end of the month, we were already on water restrictions ...  

 Heirloom Radish Mix
 Garlic was ready almost a month early! 

Garden beds were thriving in the dry heat

July... then along came July, still no rain with loads of heat and sunshine. Veggies and flowers were producing and ripening and flowering faster (almost) than one could keep up. What a terrific problem to have indeed!

Spuds of every hue... 

 Zinnia bouquets earlier than ever

 Zinnias and more zinnias.. 

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous heirloom eggplants

August... Late summer rolls around, still no rain to speak of and no respite from the heat. Watering restrictions have been tightened even more and is harder and harder to soak those garden beds.
 Pumpkins began to ripen...

Flowers were thriving, but often required twice daily watering
 Ropreco heirloom paste tomato produced oodles of tomatoes
More heirloom tomatoes...  
The daily harvest was literally 20 lbs or more. Wowsers!

Fall flowers in full bloom

September... brought us fading blooms struggling with the heat and drought, while the peppers lapped it up! 

 Cafe au Lait Dahlias crashed to the ground in the wild winds

 Pink Lemonade Zinnia explosion...

 Late summer veggies and strawberries still going strong
Carrots, peas, beans, and Tri-Star strawberries.

 Colourful beets 

Chocolate Habanero Peppers

 Bhut Jolokia

 Scotch Bonnets galore...

October... The end is nigh...

Pink Lemonade Zinnias in fading glory

The raised beds just before we started fall clean up

Yummy, spicy turnips

Roses with hips

November... was frosty. 

 Cuttings in the greenhouse

 Kale tastes even better when kissed by frost

 Brussels sprouts

December... weather was blowzy. rainy, frosty... ran the gamut.

Citrus fruits are winter fruits...
This is when they really thrive.

  Kumquats, another thriving citrus...

Potager is ready to start all over again!

Hoping you all had a terrific 2015! 
May 2016 bring you much love, laughter, and great gardening! 

With every deed you are sowing a seed,
though the harvest you may not see.  
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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