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A Bountiful Season Of Harvest

 Eggplants aplenty!   
Despite the drought and unending heat this summer, we enjoyed an exceptionally bountiful growing season.
Here is a look back look at just some of this years splendid harvest ...

Colourful spuds. 

Russian Blue, Ama Rosa and Banana potatoes. 

Natural, raw sauerkraut
Made sauerkraut both in summer and in fall!  The fall cabbage was particularly sweet and lovely.

Terrific year for celery, best heads I've ever grown.  For some reason they really thrived in all the heat and dry conditions.

Picking Brussels Sprout for our Thanksgiving dinner!
Psst, the Canadian one is in October ; ) 

Some other fresh pickings for our Thanksgiving table.  Salad of kale, lettuce, pea pods, shoots, and blossoms. Beans and carrots to roast, and dill for the gravy. 
Dill features heavily in everything we eat, comes from my Scandinavian roots.  

Lovely, crisp, fall radishes! 

Beets - red and gold! 

Am sure that these would have made a peck or two of pickled peppers! Instead, we dried…

Holy Hot Peppers, Batman!

Super Duper Hot crushed pepper mix... Ghost, Scotch, Habanero and more peppers ...
Our west coast summer this year was very hot and very, very dry ... Luckily, it just so happens that peppers love these conditions!

We grew a large variety of peppers... From sweet, juicy Bull Horns, to mildly hot Paprika's, to stinkin' hot Ghost peppers!

The dehydrator that Santa brought me in December was put to great use...  drying peppers of all kinds. Thank you, Santa!

Crushed chili peppers
In mid-summer, I made some lovely ground paprika powder from our own paprika peppers, as well as a few jars of crushed chili pepper flakes from our one Firecracker Chili pepper plant. This plant puts out a lot, lot, lot of peppers!

Just this past week, we made some Holy Hot Pepper crush from our super hots for hubby and his heat addicted buddies. 

Nothing better to spice up your life than a peck of homegrown, organic peppers ; ) 

How-to make your own powder or flakes?

Making your own crushed hot peppers…

Happy Hallowe'en!

All Hallows Eve is just about upon us...

Here are some fun ideas on how to 'ghoul' things up :; )

Bust out your pumpkins...

....  your bits and pieces...

Don't keep us hanging ...

Let us see what you have going on... 

We are footloose...

and fancy free (?) ...

It's a bit of a stretch...

but we'll see you soon..

... Cuz it's almost Hallowe'en!

Tanja's Top Ten Tomatoes 2015

Is tomato time again! Time to pick out the best tomatoes of the year  ... which heirlooms performed best, tasted best and handled our crazy weather best, this summer?

I grew/sold between 40 and 50 varieties of heirloom tomato seedlings again this year.

I always try to keep one of each variety for myself, whether I have grown it in years prior, or not. This helps me determine which ones really thrive in our locale and which ones are a total bust. I grow them all, on average, two years running to give them a fair kick at the can. As there are about 1200 or more heirloom tomatoes in the world, is clear that not all can be the perfect one for our little region of the planet, so trial and error is crucial. I grow my faves year after year. Some years they make it on the top ten list, some years they do not, but they always stay on my must-grow list. 

This year was a wild, crazy, scorcher of a summer on the west coast. Was really hot, with no rain from May through September. While it is tr…