Saturday, 19 November 2016

Birdseed Wreaths - For The Birds Updated

Three wreath recipes

As we slowly start edging towards the holidays and outdoor decor, my thoughts immediately turn to the birds ... and making dozens and dozens of birdseed wreaths.

I love the look of them against my tree, while birds of all sorts, from Nuthatches to Sapsuckers, happily and busily visit them all season long. 

Several years back, I conducted a small trial using three different recipes, to see which one the birds preferred (they actually loved them all). To check out those recipes, please see HERE!

Since then, I have stuck to making the two suet versions, as I just cannot bring myself to believe that corn syrup and flour are the way to roll in my organic garden and landscape ; )

The one and only problem with these lovely wreaths, however, is that sometimes, after much love and attention from the birds, they crack in two at the weak point.

The birds like to start pecking up at the top, by the ribbon, and then work their way down. As the side gets narrow and weakens, it eventually cannot stand up to the weight, so cracks and falls to the ground.

Photo-bombers Ruby Tuesday and Penelope

When the wreath falls, it is quickly gobbled up by my garden helpers, who love anything with peanut butter... and bespeckled remains then grace the yard ; )

Therefore, it was time to come up with an organic strategy to ensure that the wreaths would stay together as long as possible, for the birds to enjoy, not the pups.

After some reading, I found an idea using a wire wreath shape, but knew I did not want to go that route. Then came upon one that was using bits of twigs all tied together with florists wire and decided to use that idea ... but modified.

Gathered some grapevines from the garden and simply twisted them together, making these wee little wreath forms. Popped two of these 'wreaths' into the cake pan, and stuffed the warm seed mixture all around them.

They need to set and harden for 12 hours at room temperature, or can be popped into the freezer for a faster chill. Then hang from a branch or fence or shepherds hook. Mine are hung against a really, really big cedar tree.

Though the grapevines are showing through, it still looks amazing!

The proof is in the pudding. The grapevines work like a charm! Holding together and they still look good, too. So very glad I used vines and kept it all natural.

Mini wreaths! 

Birdseed wreaths look super cute when made in a mini bundt pan form, as well.
'Decorate' your trees or fences with super cute mini's.

  Happy Decorating! 

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