Friday, 16 December 2016

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but inside is quite delightful ... as I prep for the holidays.

I have been jarring up this crazy smokin' hot pepper blend for gifting and selling. The blend this year is made from just the really super hot peppers, the hottest peppers in the world, not mixed with anything else!  

Ghost peppers and 7 Pot White

Trinidad Scorpion Peppers

A variety of colours in the Ghost Peppers. 
Yellow, Caramel, Red, and Orange. 

I grow all my pepper plants from scratch, starting the seeds in early February and growing them on all summer, to harvest, sauce, pickle and dehydrate in fall.

These beautiful, almost waxy looking peppers are called 7 Pot Whites. 
Though they are super pretty and look kind of harmless,
they are extremely hot at about 1 million Scoville Units! 

We had an amazing pepper year at the greenhouse this year, with all peppers, from sweet, to hot, to broiling, all thriving really, really well. An abundance of peppers of all kinds.

I pick and eat veggies as I work in the greenhouse....
Sometimes it's carrots, sometimes tomatoes, or maybe tomatillos ... or peppers.
Love my job ... fresh, heirloom veggies on hand all the time!  

I personally cannot handle any heat whatsoever, am a total wimp and like my peppers sweet only, no heat at all. My salsa has to be super mild ; )

However, I am totally out-numbered in this family! Both kids plus hubby love hot peppers. They like them dried, pickled, sauced, or in salsas ... as long as it has lots and lots of heat, they like it!

Growing hot peppers in the greenhouse

So... although I do not eat them, or want them, or like them..  I truly LOVE to grow food crops. If someone in my family wants it, I will grow it. As they all seem to want and like hot peppers, I grow them...  from mild, to hot, to super hot, and with pride, at that!  

Super duper hot peppers, by the bushel full! 
A pail full of the hottest peppers in the world.
Carolina Reapers, Moruga Scorpions, Trinidad Scorpions, Bhut Jolokias, and more.... 

Therefore, this year, I grew a beautiful mix of super duper hot peppers, which were then all dried and mixed into a super hot pepper blend, which can (apparently, omg) be used in soups, stews, chili, salsa, dips and more...
 Dragon's Fire Hot Pepper Blend

And here it is... I am calling it Dragon's Fire, as it is that hot. My eyes water and nose twitches when we open the jar. This stuff is hot, hot, hot... but really, really pretty looking. Keep it away from the kiddies and pets, please. Be cautious and smart.  

May your season be bright, may it be happy and wonderful.

Have a smoking hot Christmas, everyone! 

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