Sunday, 25 June 2017

Keep your Baskets Flowering and Thriving

As we start to get warmer temperatures, true summer weather, your hanging baskets may begin to look a little peaked.

How to keep them happy and thriving, blooming all summer long? Good watering, some feeding, and a bit of pinching, too. 

Water all hanging baskets (coir, poly, or moss) till the water flows freely from the bottom.

Go from basket to basket and then start all over again. 
Thoroughly soak each basket two or three times each time you water. 

I water my baskets every second day in spring, once a day in summer, 
twice a day in +30°C weather. 

After the watering, give them a really good shower. 

Spray baskets and planters from all sides each time you water.
This re-hydrates tired baskets, hoses off stray bits of dry foliage and spent blossoms, 
plus blasts away any bugs trying to take up residence. 

Feed them well! 

To keep baskets and planters looking amazing, lush and full of blooms, 
watering is not enough. 
Feed every week or two with a fertiliser that has a higher middle number, 
such as a 15-30-15.

Slow release fertilisers help forgetful feeders keep baskets looking pretty, 
especially if re-applied in mid-summer. 
However, if you want amazing baskets, you'll need to use a water soluble feed, as well.    

 Pinch and dead head. 

Remove spent blossoms (dead head) weekly to keep flowers blooming. 
If you leave the spent blossom on, they will form seeds pods instead of more blossoms.  

Pinch back leggy growth for bushy dense growth and full looking baskets.
Some flowers, like petunias, can start to get a bit lanky and scraggly in summer. 
Pinch them back for nice bushy baskets. 

Happy gardening! 
Enjoy the sunshine! 

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