Monday, 8 January 2018

January Gardening Ramblings

January... the month of planning and dreaming... 

I spend most of my days in the office this time of year... ordering seeds, setting up spring workshops, garden planning, filing, organising....

Listening to gardening podcasts and audio books sure helps make office cleaning more interesting.

What do we gardeners do this month? 

Go through seed catalogues, make lists of old favourites and add a couple of new things to try this year ... a different carrot, a coloured cauliflower, an heirloom that you have never grown before. You just never know, it may become a new must-have in your garden.

Go through your seed stash, make notes of what you have and what you need. Take the list with you to the Seedy Saturdays and Sundays. I go in armed with a list and a budget to limit impulse purchases. It is super easy to get carried away at the 'Seedy Days', picking up way more seeds than one actually has room for in the garden, or time enough to sow and grow.

Do up your garden plan. Order seeds on line, if not going to the Seedy Days. I quite like at-home catalogue and on-line shopping ; )

Have fun and learn something new... 

Sign up for a workshop, listen to inspirational podcasts, read a new gardening book or two, peruse gardening magazine articles and ooh over the pictures, pin pictures on Pinterest, follow a new garden blogger....

If you want to play around outside, there are some chores that can be done now ...

Rake up fallen leaves.

Rake up/compost soggy perennials and winter veggies (like celery) that did not like the snow.

Top dress around roses and perennials with compost or manure. Top dress garden beds, too, if they did not get done in fall. Feed those worms : )

Pruning... I usually leave my pruning till February, but if you wanted to do it now, you can. Winter prune your apple and pear trees (not stone fruits), fruiting shrubs, and roses.

Feed the birds. 
See the birdseed wreath recipe see HERE! 

Don't forget the Annas hummingbirds. 
If you feed them in the summer, you should consider feeding them in the winter, too.

 Soak up some Vitamin D : )

Happy dreaming! 

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