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Garlic Growing How-To!

Oops, sorry all... I accidentally removed this as I was working on my next posting....

Garlic growing in early spring
Tanja ... The Nitty Gritty Greenhouse...How To Grow Garlic...
- Add amendments to your existing beds about 2 weeks before planting ... compost, manure, fish meal, alfalfa, and rock phosphates are all good amendments.
- Beds should be well draining and be in full sun!
- Plant anywhere from mid-Sept to end October
- Crack the garlic, separating the cloves gently from the hard middle part. Plant only the largest cloves, use the smaller ones for cooking. Leave the husks on the cloves! Do not crack more than 24 hours before planting.
- Optional Step fungicide/strengthener recipe. Soak your cloves for 2 hours before planting, in a solution of warm water, 1 tbsp of baking soda and 1 tbsp of fish fertiliser or liquid seaweed. Though my garlic tops seemed to grow bigger, better and faster, last year, than the bed not soaked in this solution, there was little difference in the size…

Stuff To Do In September

Suddenly, in one day, it the weather turned fall like!

However, we are still in the midst of watering and more watering, as it is so very dry ....

There are 4 pumpkins here that are stacked upon each other I have removed most of the extra foliage to let the sun light in... Hoping they 'ripen' soon! 
In the potager...

- Beans have been harvested with a few left on to dry for more Romano's next year. My favourite bean of all time! However, one must pick them quickly as they get stringy and tough very fast.
- The peas are flowering so we will soon have a fresh peas with dinner, sounds appealing actually, have never grown this fall crop of peas before so am quite excited!
- The carrots and cabbages will be harvested, as needed, from the garden. Best place to store them is in the ground!
- Pumpkins are colouring up nicely, just in time for fall baking and fall decor!
- Picking a few tomatoes every day. The Martina's Roma's are all colouring up at the same time, yay! So…

Tanja's Top Twelve Tomatoes 2012

Yes, revised on September the 29th! Two new additions make it now my top 12 instead of top 10 :) You will see why I had to add them, they are amazing!

This year, I started 46 varieties of heirloom or heritage tomatoes at my little greenhouse business, Nitty Gritty Greenhouse ...

I trialed as many of them as I could in my own greenhouse, the hoop house, and in my garden...

Taking into consideration the fact that we had a dreadful June, was so very blustery and cool ...and this, after such a warm and lovely month of May...
Sigh, climate change is messing up all our gardening schedules ;)

These are my favourite heirloom tomatoes for this year, in no particular order...

Black Seaman ,,,, yummers! These guys were a little bit later than the others ...but were worth the wait! They are smokey, sweet, and so rich in flavour.   While the other 'black' varieties did not fare so well outside (thrived in greenhouse though) this guy produced tons of huge tomatoes, with little to no blos…

Greenhouse Ramblings Late Summer

Here we are, just days from our fall open at the greenhouse once again.

And boy are there changes afoot, as always...

Finally, finally, got the walls washed down with the power washer and all is glistening in there once again. Phew! Looks so lovely and bright :)

Pesta heirloom beefsteak ... Does this not look like a 'circus' kind of tomato? With all those crazy colours on one fruit!

These are Canada Long paste tomatoes... They are huge! ...and delish!
Had all those tall tomatoes in there .. most of them have now been moved out to the hoop house, with only the few on the side, that are out of the way, left in the greenhouse.

Above are picture of two different tomatoes that are extra special! My super picks this month :)

All the peppers are now back in the greenhouse as some of our evenings are too cool for them to be in the hoop house.

Chocolate Bell Peppers are beginning to colour up.. There are tons of peppers on this plant... It is definitely on my 'gotta grow it next year…

Harvesting and Fall Garden Chores

Stuff To Do over the next few weeks... I love fall! Such a sense of accomplishment as one tidies, rakes, tops, mulches, harvests ...  and the gorgeous autumnal colours of gold, rust, red and orange.

For those of you with weed and seed free leaves falling on your lawn and gardens  ... pile them up, run them over with a lawn mower a few times to break them up, and add them to your garden beds for a nutritious boost of lovely organic material!
However, Do Not do this with really weedy trees that have tons of seeds, or you will spend all of next year pulling out tree seedlings!

Grass clippings, if you do not add fertiliser, can also be added to the beds. Spread it out in a light layer, which allows it to dry and brown off, and then incorporate into your soil.. or alternately, leave on top of your soil, keep adding more clippings, and you have a lovely mulch.
Do not place pile the clippings too thickly, or they will matte down into a mouldy mess.

Brown dry grass and leaves are fab to add…