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Chore Log for 1st Week of August

This summer is going by much too quickly! Due to the cool start we had, it seems like summer has just begun and yet here we are, almost in August, the last month of summer!  Yikes!

Canada Long Roma-style paste tomatoes... Quirky looking, huh?

This past week, my short week, my baby girl has been here... therefor, very little was accomplished besides the constant watering :(

In my usual hopeful way, I kinda thought that with her help so much more would be tackled ...
This never happens, of course, but I do this wishful thinking every time she comes home ... 

Instead we shopped and then we shopped some more, ran all around town picking up stuff in preparation for her upcoming humanitarian volunteer trip to Bogota, Columbia :)

Hey, so it goes...  life is surely too short to not take time to smell the roses... or to hang out with your baby ;)

Therefore, as she leaves on Monday, I will need to put a push on the garden clean up when I'm on my own again...

Hot Cocoa florbunda roses
In The …

The Short List! Chore Log Week #4 of July

Whew, things are really going to have to be short listed this week, as here we are, many days late with the chore log. 

Holy Moly Macaroni! Cut back these really happy Striped Marvel Marigolds! Allow the tomatoes to see some sunshine!
Hubby and I ran away from home for a few days of r&r, as our Baby Girl (yes, I know she's in her 20's ;) was able to stay and help out with puppy sitting and plant watering. One cannot take a 'Little Lilah everywhere, much as I would love to, nor can one walk away from gardens and greenhouses that need watering daily. Good thing we have a lovely little baby girl!

It was truly fun to get out there to snoop around at some of the lovely, little nurseries in the greater Victoria area. Much prefer to shop at and support these wonderful, out-of-the-way, little mom and pop nurseries to the big chain stores, especially at this time of year. The big guys tend to carry and sell very seasonally, whereas the little guys sell fun stuff throughout the…

Powdery Mildew

Just a quick note to say ...

Now is the time to really be on your guard against nasty powdery mildew.

With our hot days and then cool nights, I have noticed that the dew point is really high in the mornings. It is during this time that powdery mildew really takes off like mad.


Please do NOT ever water in the evening... Always water in the morning or day time, making sure that all the foliage has time to dry well before night fall.

If you do get powdery mildew on your plants.... the easiest answer is to remove the affected foliage... sometimes this means almost de-nuding the plant, but it will truly be the better for it!

My powdery mildew recipe... and there are other organic answers out there, but this is the recipe that I have used for the last 10 years or so,  and it works like the bees knees!

Okay, well, on almost everything... I have noticed that there are some plants, like cucumber leaves, that do not really respond well, so I just remove the nasty foliage from the plant …

Greenhouse Ramblings in July

In the greenhouse, the sunshine has made a really big difference.... everything is growing and flowering like mad!

Watering is pretty near a daily task .... So glad we started off with a really full cistern, I guess that's the one bonus that came from our really rainy June!

Jaune Dickfleischige Heirloom Cucumber
Lungo della Cina cucumbers
We are now picking cucumbers every few days
enjoying a lot of salads and sandwiches...
Am sure that we will eventually be really tired of cucumbers!
But for now, is still a tasty and fabulous treat to pick your own lunch fixings!
These tomatoes were strung up about a month ago and are already nearing the top!  Hubby will have to string them along the ceiling if they keep up this pace!
Loads and loads of tomatoes on the way!

Plants are getting really tall.. eep!

Ah well, happiness is... growing great tomatoes ;)

Love fuchsias!

Dahlia 'Bishop's Children'
A gorgeous heirloom annual (half-hardy perennial)
with dark bronze-black folia…

Chore Log Week 3 of July

Whew, this past week simply flew by!

Watering and more watering was on the agenda this past week... and I suppose, for the next 8 weeks or so to follow :) Gotta love summertime!

Baskets and planters are watered daily now, as are the greenhouse veggies. This certainly cuts down on the time left over for doing the chore list... and as I don't really consider watering a chore, how to fit in the chores with the watering? Hahaha, what a dilemma... now problems like that you gotta love to have....

Once again... I went a wee tad overboard... Planted up about a gazillion planters and hanging baskets ... That now all need daily watering :) 
Peas in the first pea patch (I planted up two) have been picked, shelled, blanched and frozen.
Just in time actually, as I found Delilah picking her own peas again! She grabs the entire vine, pulls it to the ground and devours it from tip to end.... is very thorough actually, not much goes to waste!

Lilah picking peas...
The strawberries have all been …

July Ramblings

What a great month this is turning out to be... now that it stopped raining, that is!

Lots of wild life around, especially babies... That's the very best part of living in the woods! Love to see all kinds of animals... although probably less keen to see a cougar!

There is a lovely new fawn and her mommy that hang around the back gate.
'Lilah loves to chase away deer, is actually her job, and she does it with great enthusiasm.
However, I try not to let her out when I know that mommy and the baby are out back :) They are doing no harm back there as it has not been developed in any way... as of yet.

This is what I call my 'secret path'... so far it leads to ... nowhere;) For now, this is where the bear and the deer hang out... 
There is also a mommy bear and her cub that have cut through the back and side of the property. We sometimes see them this time of year, but they are not usually a bother. They are off looking for grubs and such as they travel along...
I did hav…